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Satta king, Sattaking, Satta king 2021, Satta king up, Satta result, Satta king result, Satta king online, Gali result, Desawar result, Satta king chart, Satta king live, Gali satta, Deshawar live result, Gali live result, Satta king desawar, Satta king gali, Gali live result, Satta king faridabad, Satta king ghaziabad, Disawar live result, Satta Number, Satta Game, Gali Number, Delhi Satta king, Satta Bazar, Black satta king, Black Satta Result, Satta king 2019, Satta king 2018, Satta king record chart



TIME (05:15AM)

 27  65

TIME (06:15PM)


TIME (9:20 PM)


Time (11:05 PM)

86    -

TIME 02:00PM

--    --

TIME 03:50PM

--    --

Satta King Chart 2021

Desawar | Faridabad | Gali | Ghaziabad

01-06-21 - 29 69 40
02-06-21 78 93 59 00
03-06-21 27 96 86 17
04-06-21 65 - - -


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What is satta king game ?

`Satta king` usually in India is that the Hindi conversion of the term `Gambling`, And Yes Gambling is illegal in many countries but many people playing Satta. the term `Matka` (Matka king or Satta Matka) refers to a pot that is used to draw numbers. Initially, this game was started in New York city of united states. but in India, It started in Mumbai. Now it has spread to the whole country. Satta Matka is gambling and Satta King are some people who run all Satta Matka game. Satta most played in up(Uttar Pradesh) most. Satta King game numbers competition and lottery-based game, but now it is categorized in gambling, and Satta king is now very famous and mostly playing a game across the world. People are crazy about this game. But now the most important thing is that this game does not follow the law and rule regulation that`s why Satta King or Play Bazaar and all the game who similar those like the game, these are banned and illegal game because they did not follow the protocols and rule. Due to an expansion of Technolgy Satta king game also came to an online platform. We never support this type of activities. There are many websites and application where people can play Satta king game without any risk. Most people play Satta king game online just because there is less chance to get trace by police. we are only entertainment website we are not promoting Satta or any Satta king, gambling and please think twice then play these things, it may be illegal in your country don`t greedy for money and never do any illegal activity.

History of satta king ?

If you too are interested in knowing about the history of Satta Matka, then you have come to the right place. Satta Matka Satta king result started in the 1950s, while most people bet on the opening and closing prices of cotton, which was then sent from Bombay Cotton Exchange to New York Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters.

1. In 1961, when the New York Cotton Exchange banned this type of betting, then these punters / gamblers had to think of other ways to keep this satta matka Satta King Result business alive.

2. In 1962, a second emperor, Kalyanji Bhagat, who owned a grocery shop from Worli, started Kalyan Worli Matka in which, according to his new rules, even the poorest of the poor could stake it. 1 rupees only.

3. At the same time after two years, Ratan Khatri resumed the New Worli Matka in 1964, in which he made some changes in the rules of the game.

4. Where Kalyanji Bhagat’s Matka used to run all days of the week, Ratan Khatri’s Matka used to run only six days a week.

5. When textile mills became more popular in Mumbai, most of the mill workers started playing matka more, due to which more bookies started opening their shops around these mill areas and thus Central Mumbai is a lot Matka business has become a big hub in Mumbai.

6. There was a time when the matka business reached its peak between the 1980s and 1990s, at that time there was a business of about Rs 500 crore per month.

7. After repeated raid of Mumbai Police, there was a lot of damage at the bases of satta matka. So bookies was forced to take these bases out of the city. At the same time, some had to be taken to other states also like Gujarat, Rajasthan etc.

8. When there are no more options of betting or satta left, then bookies have started to concentrate on other gambling such as online lotteries. At the same time, Some gamblers started playing betting on cricket matches. Just as the interference of the police started increasing, this business also started to suffer a lot. At the same time when Kalyanji Bhagat's son "Suresh Bhagat" was killed, then in 2008, the satta was almost closed. Even after this, other Satta Matka are more popular today such as Gali , Disawar, Faridabad, Delhi Bazaar, Kuber, JD Durga, New Faridabad, etc.). Next you will get complete information related to Satta matka in this article.

How to play satta king ?

In Satta king game, people wager bets on their chosen numbers between 0 and 99. For this the bettors contact their area’s Khaiwal. Khaiwal works as a mediator/middle man between the bettors and the game operators. Every Khaiwal collects money and the number from the players of his area and sends it to the company. And once a winner is declared he collects the winnings from the company and delivers it to the winning bettor. At a predefined time the Sattaking company opens a random number. The winning bettor receives 90 times the money he wagered.

How to get satta king result ?

Lots of people play Satta king daily becouse they are very addicted to it. They don't care about their money they just want ot play satta king. They bet daily on different games of satta king like Gali, Dishawar, Faridabad, Gaziyabad etc. The result timminng of these Satta king game are fixed by company. For example Dishawar Satta king result open at 5:00 AM, Faridabad Satta king result open at 6:15 PM, Gaziyabad Satta king result open at 8:00 PM and Gali Satta king result open at 11:00 PM. So Peoples wait for every game result in which they has invested their money. There are two ways of getting Satta king Result. If you want fast Satta king result you should stay touch with your khaiwal. Beocuse khaiwal is the only person who can provide yhou fastest Satta Result. There is another way of getting Satta result. You can Search Satta king on google. You will find many websites which provide Satta king result. But this website update result Slightly late. Many run whatsapp gorups for Satta result. You can also join that groups for getting Satta king result.

How to see the old satta king record chart ?

Yes, you can see the old Satta king records chart, it is an easy process, in today's time you only have to write on Google, Satta king record or the year of which you need the record, you can also note like Satta King Record Chart 2019, Satta King Record Chart 2018, or you can again enter the name of the game, like desawar record chart 2019, gali record chart 2018, and you can visit any website you see in the result.

How to get leaked satta king number ?

Hello, if you want to take today's Satta King leaked number, or want to know whether Satta King is revealed or not, then you can read this article, Satta King is a game that makes up to 95 per cent profit. Gives, and only one person out of 100 can win the betting king game, now you tell me whether the satta king can be leaked As far as we know, the Satta King game is never leaked, nor do the people who open it tell about it, just know that there are 100 numbers in the Satta king game and the number that works best. Well, the same number is Opened.

Why shouldn't you play satta king ?

It would be best if you did not play Satta King because playing Satta King can teach you to face a lot of problems, Satta King makes a profound impact on your life, playing Satta King can make you think big, playing Satta King Until the players get the result of the Satta King, only this remains in their mind, preps that his number will come in the Satta King today, but it does not happen, only one person out of every 100 is aware of victory in the Satta King game, and it is impossible to guess what number will come in the Satta King game tomorrow, Playing the Satta King can also make you stand behind bars, the police can take strict action against you because both playing and feeding the Satta King game by the Indian government comes under the guise of crime, so you should not play the Satta king. Should play.

Is it right to play satta king online ?

Of course, playing and feeding the Satta King is not right in any way, and mostly if you play the Satta King through the online Internet medium, it can be even more dangerous, Online Satta King's website can cheat you, it can break contact with you after taking money from you, so if you think that online Satta King is better for you, then you are wrong, It can be fatal for you to give your information on any website on the Internet, even if it is a satta king website, you may lose money in it, and the information provided by you such as name, phone number, email id, or documents Can be misused, so you should avoid playing Satta king online. .

Can anyone become a millionaire from a satta king game ?

No one has ever seen that someone playing a Satta King game has become a millionaire. Still, yes a person playing a Satta King can be a millionaire because a person playing in the Satta King is more profitable than the one who plays Satta King. A person who plays King can never be rich because he can get into any pit, He will always be at a disadvantage, some people play the Satta king game differently, like say today, Ram has betted on the numbers from 1 to 50 with 10 rupees, Ram has a total of 10 * 50, i.e. 500. Played Satta King, but if Ram's number comes in Satta King game then Ram will be paid 900 rupees, In which Ram got the benefit of 400 rupees, but if Ram's number does not come in Satta King, then Ram lost 500 rupees in Satta king, Now Ram's number is up to 50 per cent, meaning it won, 400 and lose 500 rupees, According to this, a person playing a satta king can never become a millionaire.

What effect does the satta king game have on your life

The Satta King game has a lot of harmful effect on your life, the person playing the Satta King can never be happy because the person playing the Satta King loses his wealth, which can cause him a lot of problems, which makes the Satta King The house of the person playing can be ruined because in today's world the solution to every problem is to some extent, the person playing the Satta king may suffer a loss of money, which can harm his life.

How to get rid of satta king game addiction ?

Hello and welcome to this Satta king website, and we do not encourage anyone to play Satta King online or in the market, because we know, it is not easy to get rid of Satta King addiction, but if again Also you or any of your family members are addicted to the satta king, and you are upset with that, then we want to tell you a few things, Which will help to relieve the addiction of Satta King, firstly if there is any debt on the person playing Satta King, then you ask him, because most of the people Play Satta King to pay the debt online, Then keep an eye on that person, talk to him, talk about the problems of the house, make the person realize that his family is standing with him, by paying attention to all these things, that person can get rid of the addiction of Satta king.

Why satta king matka is so famous in India ?

The existence of Satta king is very old in India, Satta king has been in India since the 1950s, and it is the only game in India, which runs seven days of weeks and 30 days of the month, 85 to 95 in Satta King. There is a profit of up to a percentage, which can be more or less depending on the state or place, the person can play the Satta King for 1 rupee, due to which the Satta king is a very popular sport in the medium Berg, this is the reason, That Satta King is becoming more popular in India day by day.

How to start your own satta king game ?

Hello, if you want to know how to start your own Satta king game, then this article can be First of all, know that the Satta King game is completely illegal in India. Satta king is one of the oldest games in India. It is a kind of lottery game. Talking about the old games, Desawar Gali etc. games were played in Satta King, but after the Internet came, the big bookies made their business Satta king online now. They could easily show the results of their games on the website through the Internet, First of all, you have to choose a name that is new and its time will have to be determined at which time the result of your satta king game comes, then after that, you will have to add the bookies of big territories in your contact who will get the money from the players on your Satta king game. You will also have to contact some websites which are the best and come to the first page.

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